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Doing business in Poland
Doing business in Poland

Introduction of foreign companies, products and services on the Polish market

This includes establishing contacts with potential partners are willing to establish cooperation with you. At this stage, it will be:
Presented to potential partners description of your objectives and commitment to the Polish market.
Providing additional clarifications and answers to questions.
Research and preparation of studies on the Polish market.
Identification of potential partners / distributors / customers and establish commercial relationships with them.
Organizational support, legal and accounting.
Support the organization's personnel structure.

Organizing trade missions abroad and finding new markets for the companies associated in the Polish Chambers of Commerce and Trade.

PRETIOS deals with comprehensive support Polish companies in the process of organizing a trade mission.

To trade missions include both missions and incoming away. Our focus is the organization of missions away both to the countries of the European region, Asia and the US.

The main purpose of trade missions is primarily to help Polish company in touch with a foreign partner. Other important elements of a well conducted a trade mission include, .:
Establish business contacts with potential clients / buyers.
Marketing of products offered by Polish companies.
Opening of branches of Polish companies in foreign markets.

One of the most important elements in the organization of trade missions is conference, which gives Polish company insight into the specifics of the foreign market and, in particular, in the most cost-effective marketing strategies, test, and market analysis for the needs of the respective advertise their products. In addition organized conferences is an extremely important factor as an opportunity to learn the specifics of the foreign customer and his requirements.

On all trade missions they will be waiting PRETIOS partners interested in establishing business contacts with You.

We offer all of the above elements necessary for the organization of a trade mission, but we also have the ability to organize and arrange business meetings with foreign producers, dealers and potential customers. PRETIOS organized outgoing trade missions allow for excellent insight into international markets and establish new economic ties with reliable foreign manufacturers and dealers.

Our company cooperates with all Polish embassies and other foreign companies, which offer comprehensive support in organizing trade missions.

The scope of our services include:
Establish business contacts with potential clients / buyers.
Opening of branches of Polish companies in foreign markets.
Comprehensive organization of trips abroad.
Transfers between airport / hotel / place of event meetings, exhibitions.
Organization of accommodation and meals, and tickets to the fair.
Organizing business meetings.
Securing adequately prepared to topic conversations translators.
Analysis of product offerings / services Company at an angle export opportunities.
Search for potential export markets according to customer demand reported in trade, manufacturing, services.
Specify the target group of potential partners.
Prepare a list of tele-address potential trade partners.
Establish contact with potential business partners and the subject and scope of cooperation.
Selection and test the reliability of potential partners.
To submit business reports for selected clients / select the best counterparty based on data from the report.
Legal, economic, specialized in the preparation of proposals for trade cooperation.
Preparing an offer within a given language.

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