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A financial audit is a report and financial analysis company, the valuation of its assets and assessment of the prospects of its development.

PRETIOS provides the necessary knowledge about the assets, and financial condition of the Company, which are the basis for key business decisions. Audit of financial statements, the review and preparation of financial statements are performed by experienced experts, to ensure compliance with local and international standards, presenting a fair picture of the company.

We offer advice and consultation on:
Develop site plans for accounts.
Revaluation of assets.
Assisting the transition of the Accounting Act to IAS / IFRS.
Preparation of financial statements patterns.
Conformity assessment accounting system with the requirements of the Accounting Act.
Adjusting the accounting system to the needs of the individual.
Automation of financial reporting.
Review, analysis and assessment of the accounting records, accounting policies and reporting system.
Implementation of the ERP system.