Controlling and management reporting
Finance director outsourcing
Controlling and management reporting

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to support our customers in developing and improving their short and long-term strategies.

We also support our customers in implementing controlling and management accounting concepts and standards in accordance with best market practices (Activity Based Costing, KPI’s, Balanced Scorecard). We participate in preparing budgets and provide dedicated management reports, which allow for monitoring of budget implementation and deviations, controlling costs and the profitability of various business areas, e.g. products, markets, contracts.

As a business grows, the need for hiring a professional finance manager arises. However, in the early stages of business, hiring a full-time finance director is not cost effective . PRETIOS aims to help such companies.  

PRETIOS supports its customers by providing the finance director outsourcing service performed by an experienced and effective finance director. To successfully manage a company’s finance requires expert knowledge of finance and experience, which is essential in developing and implementing financial strategies. The partnership that PRETIOS offers, allows our customers to stay ahead of their competitors.