Accounting outsourcing
Services for groups of companies
Business registration
ERP systems
Financial services for branches and companies belonging to groups. (services for groups of companies)

For nearly 10 years we have been providing advice to companies operating in the German and Scandinavian markets. We are offering accounting services, including accounting outsourcing, HR and payroll outsourcing and services dedicated for groups of companies. Our experienced team guarantees high quality of services.

We provide professional services to groups of companies, including business/branch startup services as well as:

Developing and standardising a chart of accounts for companies within a group.
HR and payroll outsourcing services.
Implementing reporting period closing processes. 
Preparing financial statements (IFRS/IAS) and consolidation documents.
Supporting the centralisation of reporting and controlling processes in accordance with best market practices (Activity Based Costing, KPIs, Balanced Scorecard).
Working with a finance department of a foreign branch.
Documentation of transfer pricing. 
Using software provided by customers, including ERO systems. 
Participating in developing financial strategies. 

Managerial approach to accounting – this approach allows us to support our customers in identifying potential savings and ways of improving the profitability of projects. 
Experience of working with foreign investors – our portfolio includes German and Scandinavian investors operating in various sectors, e.g.: production, distribution, real estate.
High quality and professionalism.. 
Flexible approach to customers. 
All services in English.